Dr. Tushar A. Rajani
M.D.(Skin); D.V.D
Cosmetology (Mumbai)
Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist
Treatment Of



Application of chemical solution causes removal of

sun damaged dead upper layer of skin and regenerates brighter smoother, and vibrant looking skin. it is 10 – 15 min. process and results are fast to appear.

Improves fine wrinkles around eyes and mouth, dull complexion, pigmentation, uneven tone and texture and freckles.

Can be done on all skin types and different parts of body like face, neck and hands.

Prevents signs of ageing appearing too early and reverse sun damaged. peels away many visible signs of ageing and sun damage with in few minutes.

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"Your Skin Is In Safe Hands"

- Dr. Tushar Rajani